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Learn how StaffApp helps companies
improve internal processes and communication.

Learn how StaffApp helps companies improve internal processes and communication.

Employee App Guarantees Flow Of Information During The Corona Period

The non-profit organization Pro Senectute beider Basel is committed to the well-being of older people in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Baselland and promotes solidarity between the generations. It also helps shape social developments in a forward-looking manner.

The motivated and trained team of over 100 permanent employees and 400 freelancers provides extensive services in the Basel region to ensure that older people can live actively and independently at home for as long as possible.  

For around six months, Pro Senectute beider Basel has been communicating exclusively with its employees and volunteers via StaffApp. "We are now able to reach our freelancers and volunteers much better than before.

Many employees appreciate that our communication has become more transparent with StaffApp," explains Annette Stöcker, Head of Marketing and Communications.

The implementation of the employee app came at exactly the right moment, as Annette Stöcker explains: "StaffApp was a great help to us, especially during the Corona crisis.

The requirements for our industry were constantly changing. With StaffApp, we were able to react just as quickly and spread the information. Internal communication during this extraordinary situation was therefore always guaranteed."

Since the implementation of StaffApp, Pro Senectute beider Basel has been using the app to communicate general information to its employees, uses the employee app for appointment surveys and as a registration tool for events, and sometimes simply to thank everyone for their hard work.

In the "Documents" section, the team has practical information on accident insurance, social benefits, or employee discounts at their disposal. "We see this as a major advantage over previous communication via email.

While an email can easily get lost in the mass of messages, our employees now have all the important information and documents available in StaffApp," adds Stöcker.

A Simple Employee App For A Complex Work Environment

The KKL is a multifunctional building in Lucerne with a concert hall that is valued for its top-class acoustics, built according to the plans of the architect Jean Nouvel.

In addition to holding cultural events, the KKL team organizes congresses, customer events and employee events.

Event management, technology, ticketing, catering and gastronomy, decoration and guest services are also organized and implemented by the KKL. 

Communication with the approximately 400 employees was becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming, especially given the large number of freelancers and employees with very low salaries. The KKL therefore decided to evaluate solutions for a mobile intranet.

The choice fell on StaffApp. "We wanted an easy-to-use solution that could be maintained without much effort. We don't need chat functions or other technical gimmicks, just a simple means of communication that reaches all of our employees at the same time," says Vania Vargens, assistant to the KKL management.

Since implementing StaffApp at the beginning of 2018, the KKL has been using the app to communicate CEO and HR news, invitations or surveys to employee events or overviews of planned events at the KKL to its employees. Weekly menus and other documents are also distributed to the workforce in a target group-specific manner.

The reactions of the employees are convincing: "We had mainly positive feedback on the introduction of the app. Our team feels well informed and can rely on a reliable source of information. Our HR team has also been noticeably relieved. StaffApp is a valuable addition to our organization," explains Vania Vargens.

Efficient Internal Communication For Companies With Mobile Employees

Lauber IWISA AG was founded in 1933 by Alfred Lauber in Raron (Canton of Valais). 30 years later, the first branch was opened in Naters.

Today, the company employs around 200 people. The core competence of Lauber IWISA AG is the planning and construction of buildings as highly efficient complete systems.

The specialist offers all services related to the building technology of the future. From consulting and planning to installation.

The range of services offered by Lauber IWISA AG is as diverse as the work locations and skills of the employees, who mostly work in a decentralized manner. "As a company, it is very important to us that information can be communicated to our employees quickly and consistently.

Furthermore, it is important to avoid important information getting lost in the flood of emails," explains Pascal Ebener, member of the management board of Lauber IWISA. That is why the management decided at the beginning of 2018 to use an app for internal communication.

Today, Lauber uses IWISA StaffApp to communicate internal news, disseminate information about employee events or small surveys.

"An important requirement for the app was that we could also divide our workforce into meaningful user groups.

Information that only concerns one department or group should be distributed selectively," adds Ebener. Thanks to StaffApp, this is easily possible. Thanks to the integrated document storage, even important information and instructions, for example on occupational safety issues, are available directly via StaffApp.

StaffApp can also be used as an address book. Pascal Ebener sees potential for optimization in translating the app into different languages. "In the construction industry in particular, there are many people who do not speak German.

By implementing different language versions, we hope to further increase the use of StaffApp in our company in the future," says Ebener.

And many more…

And many more…